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You can't steal something that's been given to you
Oncer forever! Be ready to go down with the ships. A page about Once Upon A Time... Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Captain Swan, Swan Queen,all of these you'll find and much more <3
Evil Regal all the way, Lana Parrilla is amazing!!!
Also a fanfic writer, check out my stories in the fanfiction tab of my blog!
Oh and btw I'm Em, nice to meet you ;) Feel free to send me whatever I love talking with all of you, it always makes my day :D
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No idea where this picture comes from, found it on Pinterest so if it’s yours just tell me and I’ll credit but gosh this was too hilarious not to post lol

OUAT Writers ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Once Upon a Time Season 4 New Teaser - Frozen [HD] A Tale of Two Sisters

"Family Business"… I bet it’s in this ep that Henry will decide to work for Gold!

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28 days until the Queen’s return

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Once Upon A Time Season 4 Promo - Storybrooke is Frozen!

omg hell yeah NEW FOOTAGE!!!!

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Granny’s Dinner in real life :P