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how Josh feels about that rabbit

Where Josh Dallas is Yosemite Sam

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Regina doesn’t always say “sorry”, sometimes she just throws her body in front of yours to save your life at the risk of her own.

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Anyone who argues that Leopold was “good” to Regina needs to look at this picture. Anyone who thinks that Regina’s marriage to Leopold was “just one of those things that happened in those days” needs to look at this picture. Anyone who thinks that this woman wasn’t forced into a marriage where she was unhappy, heartbroken, grieving and utterly miserable needs to look at this goddamn picture. It’s not just regret on Regina’s face here. It’s not even just sadness. This is a woman who has been broken by the things her mother made her do, who was trapped in a marriage where her husband not only ignored her most of the time, but compared her unfavorably to his first wife. And being compared to someone who was, to all intents and purposes, a martyr, rendered Regina completely powerless. And anyone who thinks that it “wasn’t that bad” or that Regina felt ANYTHING but rejected by him needs to LOOK AT THIS PICTURE.

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au where i’m in a relationship 

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you feel things with your whole soul

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Now…. That’s a KISS….

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Remembering Nealfire Week - Day 4: Favorite Ship - Swan Thief

Tallahassee, baby. We’re almost home.

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To solve the mystery that is Peter Pan, everyone goes all Mystery Inc! And Emma is not amused.

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