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You can't steal something that's been given to you
Hi I'm Em, 19, born on May 31st and a typical gemini, nice to meet you ;)

Oncer forever! Be ready to go down with the ships. A blog about ABC's Once Upon A Time... Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Captain Swan, Swan Queen,all of these you'll find and much more <3
Evil Regal all the way because Lana Parrilla is just that freaking amazing!
Also a fanfic writer, check out my stories in the fanfiction tab!

Feel free to send me whatever I love talking with all of you, it always makes my day :D
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#Actual teenage Emma surprised by her parents after her first date

R.I.P. Oscar de la Renta… such a loss for the fashion world! Loved his designs :(

Probably up to no good as always :P

Magic is about emotion. Summon up that moment, that made you so angry, you would’ve k i l l e d if you could.”


Lana Parrilla - consistently being the best part of the episode despite only having about 3 minutes of screen time

The Apprentice Summary


So this two douche bags:



Killed this dude:



Lana loving the exact same things about her character as her Evil Regals… How cute <3